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Tasks and Pipelines in Taikun CloudWorks

Taikun CloudWorks empowers to streamline the development lifecycle with its advanced capabilities in creating and managing CI/CD pipelines directly within its web interface.

Key Features:

  1. Tekton Integration: Taikun CloudWorks seamlessly integrates with Tekton, a robust open-source framework for building CI/CD systems. Leveraging Tekton within Kubernetes clusters, Taikun provides a scalable and flexible solution to meet your continuous integration and continuous delivery needs.
  2. Effortless Pipeline Creation: Taikun CloudWorks simplifies the pipeline creation process, allowing developers to define, customize, and manage CI/CD workflows effortlessly. With an intuitive interface, users can design pipelines tailored to their project requirements.
  3. Kubernetes Efficiency: Tekton operates within Kubernetes clusters, ensuring a container-native approach to CI/CD. Taikun harnesses the power of Kubernetes to enhance scalability, reliability, and ease of deployment for your CI/CD processes.
  4. End-to-End Management: Taikun CloudWorks provides comprehensive pipeline management capabilities. From initiating builds to automating deployment and monitoring, the platform ensures a smooth end-to-end experience for your development team.

Tasks and Pipelines

Building Blocks of Tekton CI/CD Workflow

Tekton Pipelines

Tekton Pipelines is a Kubernetes extension that installs and runs on your Kubernetes cluster. It defines a set of Kubernetes Custom Resources that act as building blocks from which you can assemble CI/CD pipelines. Once installed, Tekton Pipelines becomes available via the Kubernetes CLI (kubectl) and via API calls, just like pods and other resources. Tekton is open-source and part of the CD Foundation, a Linux Foundation project.

Tekton Pipelines entities

Tekton Pipelines defines the following entities:

Entity Description
Task Defines a series of steps which launch specific build or delivery tools that ingest specific inputs and produce specific outputs.
TaskRun Instantiates a Task for execution with specific inputs, outputs, and execution parameters. Can be invoked on its own or as part of a Pipeline.
Pipeline Defines a series of Tasks that accomplish a specific build or delivery goal. Can be triggered by an event or invoked from a PipelineRun.
PipelineRun Instantiates a Pipeline for execution with specific inputs, outputs, and execution parameters.
PipelineResource (Deprecated) Defines locations for inputs ingested and outputs produced by the steps in Tasks.
Run (alpha) Instantiates a Custom Task for execution when specific inputs.
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