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Single Logout Mechanism

Single Logout (SLO) service seamlessly integrates with Keystone component of Taikun OCP.It allows administrations of Taikun CloudWorksto configure SLO settings directly within Taikun CloudWorks User Interface.

Key Features #

  1. Single Logout Configuration: Taikun CloudWorks offers a comprehensive Single Logout (SLO) service, empowering administrators to enhance security by terminating user sessions across multiple applications in a single action. This feature ensures a cohesive and secure user experience.
  2. Keystone Integration: Taikun seamlessly integrates with Keystone Identity Management. Keystone enhances security by providing a centralized authentication and authorization system, ensuring a secure foundation for your applications.
  3. Admin Configurability: Administrators have full control over Single Logout settings in the account settings of Taikun CloudWorks. Easily configure SLO parameters to align with your security policies and ensure a smooth and secure logout process for your users.
  4. Redirect URL Configuration: Taikun CloudWorks allows administrators to specify a custom Redirect URL. When the Single Logout feature is initiated, users are redirected to the specified URL.

Getting Started #

  • Access Account Settings: Navigate to the account settings within Taikun CloudWorks to access the Single Logout configuration options.
  • Keystone Integration: Leverage the power of Keystone identity solution for a centralized and secure authentication process. Taikun ensures a seamless integration, enhancing the overall security posture of your applications.
  • Custom Redirect URL: Admins can define a custom Redirect URL where users are directed upon initiating the Single Logout feature. Tailor the user experience to align with your application’s specific requirements.
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