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Configure Alerting Profile

Overview of Alerting Profiles #

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Taikun is designed to inform you of any issues or events in your Kubernetes clusters. If something goes wrong with one of your Projects, our tool can send notifications to any email address, webhook, or available integrations. Alerting Profiles can be added to your account’s new or existing Project.

Create Alerting Profile #

To configure alerts in your Projects:

  1. Navigate to the “Alerting Profiles” menu
  2. Hit the “Add Alerting Profile” button and
    • Specify a Name of your configuration
    • Choose any of the connected Slack profiles (optional)
    • Select the periodicity of notification (HalfHour/Hourly/Daily/None)

Additional menus allow you to configure any E-mail, Webhook, or supported integration to the Alerting Profile.

Info #

Our list of available integrations includes OpsGenie, Pagerduty, Splunk, and Microsoft Teams

Attach Alerting Profile to your Project #

To finalize the setup, you should add the newly-created Alerting Profile to your Project. This can be done during Project creation or directly within an existing Project.

Add Profile during Project Creation #

Whenever you create a new Project, you can specify an already created Alerting Profile in the setup menu:

Add Profile to existing Project #

Alternatively, you can attach your Alerting Profile within existing Projects:

With that, Taikun will send all notifications from Prometheus to the tool of your choice.

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