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Usage Reports

Overview #

You can use the Usage Reports tab to monitor the usage of Cloud resources. In every Project, you can see the number of used TCUs (Taikun Compute Units) for a selected period limited by Start Date and End Date.

Sort data by Project or TCU and filter them by choosing available or deleted projects.


  • Indicates the amount of resources spent by Taikun to manage your resources
  • Total CPUs and GB of RAM used in a Project (TCU = 1 vCPU or TCU = 1GB of RAM)

Clicking the Project will redirect you to the Project’s info page (works only for available Projects).

Export data #

The data displayed on the page can be exported to a .CSV file – with your Organization’s name and time period (if selected).

Send Reports to E-mail #

Use the button to send selected data to your mail (provided in My Profile).

Price Development #

Graph for Price Development shows decrease and increase of prices for every project. You can change the timeline – DailyMonthly, and Yearly.

Note #

Monthly and Yearly graphs are plotted if there is enough data

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