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VMware Tanzu

Overview #

Tanzu is a suite of products and services developed by VMware to facilitate the deployment, management, and modernization of applications across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. It aims to simplify and accelerate the process of building, running, and managing applications using modern cloud-native technologies. 

Adding VMware Tanzu connection to Taikun #

Note #

Please note that only users with a Partner role in Taikun can add VMware Tanzu credentials for security purposes.

  1. Switch to the Cloud credentials tab in Taikun 
  2. Click on the Add Cloud Credentials button in the top-right corner 
  3. Specify the following parameters in the Tanzu section:
    • Cloud Name – choose a name for your Cloud Credentials (3-30 characters, e.g. tanzu-cloud-test) 
    • URL – Endpoint-Identity (e.g. https://stra-caas56.businesscube.cz)
    • User – your user name to Tanzu (e.g. user) 
    • Password – your password to Tanzu (e.g. user234)
    • Namespace – specify namespace here
    • Volume Type – specify volume type
    • Continent – specify working continent
  4. Confirm your action
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