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Kubernetes Professional Services

Assisting in the transition to a fully cloud-native environment through Kubernetes

As proponents of the Open Source movement, we have integrated Kubernetes into the core of our services and product development strategy.

Our team of Certified Kubernetes Administrators is available to support your projects with expertise in implementation, operation, tuning, and ongoing operational support for Kubernetes deployments, both on-premise and hosted.

Taikun.cloud has executed Kubernetes deployments for various clients across the Czech Republic and Europe, spanning different industries. Notably, we continue to provide support for Kubernetes deployment at O2 in the Czech Republic.

Contributing to the community

Taikun.cloud is a standing memebr of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and Open Infrastructure Foundation (CIF) and happy to contribute with the other hundrets of memebrs to shape the cloud-native ecosystem.

Our Software Delivery Platform

Kubernetes plays a foundational role within our taikun.cloud infrastructure.

Our platform offers a comprehensive software delivery solution tailored to support every stage of the DevOps process. It facilitates the swift development of cloud-native applications within microservices architectures, streamlining operations for expedited delivery of business value. Taikun alleviates technical complexities, enabling a focused approach towards achieving tangible outcomes.

Whether managing single or multi-cloud environments, Taikun CloudWorks Platform ensures a consistent user experience, mitigating complexities inherent in diverse cloud setups. Simplified cloud management is achieved through a unified interface spanning both public and private clouds.

Initiate your cloud-native journey confidently with our platform and Kubernetes at your disposal.