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An Advanced Platform For Deploying Kubernetes & Applications

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Taikun CloudWorks Delivers an Multi-Cloud Advanced Managed Kubernetes Experience that Scales

Over the past ten years, private and public Kubernetes services have grown exponentially but so have the challenges of managing them.

Richard Branson said, “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple” 

Taikun is on a mission to make Kubernetes infrastructure easy to access, easy to deploy and manage, putting users first and making things simple.

Taikun CloudWorks​ Platform

Integrated Advanced Services

On-Demand Self Service​

Application Marketplace

Automated Deployment Workflows

Centralized Billing Engine

Bring Your Own Cloud​

Simplify Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Management

Taikun CloudWorks Delivers Consistent Kubernetes Deployments Across Private & Public Clouds

Single Management Console

Centralize control to offer users a seamless experience, neutralizing the complexities of diverse cloud environments.

Expert and Beginner-Friendly Platform

Taikun CloudWorks is built for usability and efficiency, accommodating both beginners and experts with an intuitive interface and advanced features. 

One-Click Operations

Simplify Kubernetes with 1-Click Cluster Upgrades and Repairs

Secure SSO

Taikun CloudWorks integrates seamlessly with Keycloak for Single Sign-On (SSO), offering a secure and streamlined login experience. 

Customizable Reporting

Gain comprehensive insights into your pods, clusters, and applications through a single pane, streamlining analysis and boosting efficiency across your environments

Centralised Observability

Ensure a reliable experience by uniformly monitoring all Kubernetes deployments, regardless of the platform.

Stripe Integration

Taikun's CloudWorks Stripe Integration enables public access to your Kubernetes service, simplifying monetization and payment handling. 

Configurable Kubernetes Profiles

Allow users to adjust Kubernetes settings for specific operational requirements. Customize cluster configurations, pod resources, and service parameters.

Project Based Permissions & Quota's

Taikun CloudWorks enables fine-grained access control and resource management with project-specific permissions and quotas

GPU Enabled Clusters for AI Workloads

Taikun CloudWorks simplifies building Kubernetes-based clusters for AI/ML applications, leveraging the NVIDIA GPU Operator for easy optimization and swift deployment.

AI-Assisted Troubleshooting for K8’s

Troubleshooting Kubernetes issues can be challenging. Taikun's AI assistant swiftly pinpoints issues and offers solutions, fast-tracking the resolution process.

Intelligent Automation
Automation of repetitive tasks and processes, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistent outcomes.
Self-service capabilities allowing users immediate access to resources, applications, and services, streamlining their experience and enhancing productivity.
Troubleshooting Kubernetes issues can be challenging. Taikun’s AI assistant swiftly pinpoints issues and offers solutions, fast-tracking the resolution process.
Streamlined processes specifically designed for effortless deployments and seamless lifecycle management, making every stage intuitive for the user.
Provide users with a standardized interface, enabling tasks across different clouds to be performed with a single action.
… All From a Single Pane of Glass

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Over 100 Ready to Deploy Helm Application Templates at your Fingertips

Instantly connect private and public application repositories 

Connect Your Cloud Accounts With a Few Clicks

And Start Deploying...

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