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Taikun API resources #

As a Software developer, it is crucial to have access to all used instruments within the code you write. Taikun’s versatility allows you to use the API to manage your Kubernetes clusters without hesitation.

Our API documentation contains all information about the authentication mechanisms, your Cloud instances’ control, Taikun users’ management, and much more!

API tokens #

To configure an API token for your team:

  1. Head to the Configurations section of the left-hand navigation panel and select the User Tokens tab
  2. Press  in the top right corner
  3. Specify the following:
    • Name – Name of your API token
    • Expiration date (optional)
    • Choose available endpoints

Upon successful creation, you will be given the Access Key and Secret Key that can be used in your API methods.

Note #

Managers and Partners of your account can issue new API tokens

Read more about here.

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