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Slack Configuration

Slack Notifications #

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If your team uses Slack, you can receive all the changes made in your Taikun Organization directly in the Slack channel of your choice.


Add Slack Configuration #

First, you need to set your webhooks for Slack and create a channel in Slack, where you want to receive notifications.


Fill in the following parameters:

  • Organization – choose an Organization to which you want to add Slack notifications
  • Name – choose a name for your configuration
  • URL – insert webhook URL from the Slack app; this Slack guide can be of help
  • Channel – select Slack channel for receiving notifications from Taikun
  • Type – Alert (receive only alert-type of notifications) or General (receive all notifications)

Now you will receive notifications in the selected Slack channel from your Taikun Projects!

Figure.3: Slack
Info #

Slack notification will contain a link for direct access to your Taikun Project

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