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Cloud Credentials

In Taikun, a cloud credential is a set of authentication credentials that allows Taikun to interact with a cloud provider, such as AWS or OpenStack. These credentials typically include an access key and a secret key, and they are used to authenticate Taikun with the cloud provider’s API.

Cloud credentials are essential in Taikun because they allow Taikun to manage cloud resources on your behalf. For example, you want to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on AWS using Taikun. In that case, you must provide Taikun with credentials to create and manage the necessary AWS resources, such as EC2 instances and load balancers.

In addition, Taikun supports a range of cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, Azure, and OpenStack, and provides easy-to-use commands for configuring and managing cloud credentials.
You must create a Cloud Credential before creating your Project.

Add a new Cloud Credential in Taikun

With these credentials, Taikun can securely and efficiently interact with your cloud provider on your behalf, ensuring your resources are appropriately managed.

If you ever need help with cloud credentials, we have a wealth of information in our Documentation. In addition, our guides and tutorials are designed to get you up to speed quickly to take full advantage of Taikun’s powerful cloud resource management capabilities.


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