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Creating a new Project

In a Kubernetes cluster, there are two types of machines: master nodes and worker nodes. The master nodes manage the overall state of the cluster, while the worker nodes run the containerized applications.

When creating a cluster, you’ll need to specify the number of master and worker nodes, as well as their configurations. Taikun provides several options for configuring your cluster, including the choice of Kubernetes version, network settings, and cloud provider integration.

Using the menu, you would navigate to the Projects page and click on “Add Project” button. You can manage access control to these resources, so that only authorized users or teams can interact with them.

Once your cluster is created, you can start deploying your containerized applications and managing your resources using Taikun. Taikun makes it easy to manage and scale your clusters, and provides a user-friendly interface for working with Kubernetes.

Creating a new Project in Taikun

Projects are important in Taikun because they help you manage and organize your resources for your application or service. It’s easy for you to manage access control and deploy your app in a consistent way. Plus, you can collaborate with other members of your team and everyone knows where to find the resources they need.

When creating a project, you can use your profiles and credentials to authenticate and authorize access to your resources. With personalized profiles and credentials, you can ensure secure access control to your resources and keep your application running smoothly.

Add a Server to your Project

Taikun simplifies the process of creating and managing Kubernetes clusters, so you can focus on developing and deploying your applications.

With Taikun, you can easily create a new Kubernetes cluster with just a few clicks. Taikun takes care of all the underlying infrastructure, including setting up the nodes, networking, and security, so you don’t have to.

Once your cluster is up and running, Taikun provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing your applications. You can quickly deploy new applications, scale them up or down, and monitor their performance.

Taikun also integrates with popular container registries, such as Docker Hub and Google Container Registry, so you can easily pull and push container images. In addition, Taikun supports popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitLab, and Travis CI, making it easy to automate your deployment pipeline.

One of the key benefits of Taikun is its focus on simplicity. Taikun abstracts away much of the complexity of managing a Kubernetes cluster, making it accessible to developers and teams who may not have extensive experience with Kubernetes.

In addition to simplifying the management of Kubernetes clusters, Taikun also provides powerful features for monitoring and troubleshooting your applications. You can easily view logs and metrics for your applications and quickly identify and resolve issues.

You can access our Documentation page for more details and steps you should follow when creating your first Project.


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