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Project Quotas

Project quotas in Taikun are a feature that allows administrators to limit the amount of resources that can be consumed by a project within a Taikun cluster. A project is a logical grouping of resources within a Taikun cluster, and it can contain one or more applications. Quotas are defined in terms of resource limits, such as CPU, memory, and storage.

A project is a group of resources within a Taikun cluster that can contain one or more applications. With project quotas, administrators can prevent any individual project from using too many resources and ensure that there are enough resources for all projects within the cluster.

For example, an administrator might set a CPU limit of 10 cores and a memory limit of 20 GB for a particular project. Once the project reaches these limits, Taikun will prevent any new applications or pods from being created within the project until some resources are freed up.
Project quotas can be set using the Taikun command-line interface or through the Taikun web-based dashboard. Administrators can set quotas on a per-project basis and adjust them at any time as needed. They can also monitor resource usage for each project through the Taikun dashboard, allowing them to identify projects that may be using too many resources and adjust their quotas accordingly.

Project quotas can also be used to allocate resources to different teams or departments within an organization. This ensures that each team has the necessary resources to complete their work while preventing any single team from using up too many resources within the cluster.
Project quotas are a useful tool for ensuring that resources within a Taikun cluster are used efficiently and fairly. If you’re an administrator, be sure to check out this feature in Taikun – your projects will thank you!


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