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Showback is a feature in Taikun that enables organizations to track and report resource usage and associated costs within their Kubernetes clusters. It provides insights into resource consumption, allowing administrators and teams to understand the utilization patterns and costs of running VMs.

The primary purpose of Showback is to bring transparency and accountability to resource usage in Kubernetes clusters. By providing visibility into the resource consumption of VMs, organizations can better understand the cost implications associated with running workloads on their infrastructure. This information can be used for chargebacks, cost optimization, capacity planning, and decision-making.

Uses of Showback:

  1. Cost Awareness: Showback enables organizations to track the resource utilization of VMs and associate them with specific costs. This helps teams understand the financial impact of their workloads and encourages cost-conscious behavior.
  2. Resource Optimization: By identifying VMs that consume excessive or underutilized resources, Showback allows organizations to optimize resource allocation and right-size their infrastructure. This can lead to cost savings and improved efficiency.
  3. Chargeback and Showback Models: Showback supports both chargeback and showback models. Chargeback involves assigning costs to specific teams or departments based on their resource usage, enabling organizations to allocate costs accurately. Showback provides cost transparency without charging back to groups, fostering awareness and accountability.
Showback in Taikun

Showback Credentials:

In the context of Taikun, Showback credentials refer to the authentication credentials used to access and view Showback reports. These credentials ensure that only authorized individuals or teams can access the cost and resource utilization information. Showback credentials are managed within Taikun and can be assigned to specific users or groups with appropriate permissions.

By using Showback credentials, organizations can control access to cost information and ensure that the insights provided by Showback are only accessible to relevant stakeholders.

In conclusion, Showback in Taikun brings transparency, accountability, and cost optimization to Kubernetes clusters. It empowers organizations to track resource usage, understand costs, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions. By enabling Showback, organizations can achieve better cost awareness, optimize resource utilization, and facilitate chargeback or showback models for effective cost management in their Kubernetes environments.

You can find more information about Showback Rules and Showback Credentials in our Official Documentation.