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Administration Guide

The OpenStack Dashboard is a web-based interface that allows you to
manage OpenStack resources and services. The Dashboard allows you to
interact with the OpenStack Compute cloud controller using the OpenStack
APIs. For more information about installing and configuring the
Dashboard, see the /install/index for your operating system.

customize-configure.rst sessions.rst manage-images.rst
admin-manage-roles.rst manage-projects-and-users.rst
manage-instances.rst manage-flavors.rst manage-volumes.rst
set-quotas.rst manage-services.rst manage-host-aggregates.rst

  • To deploy the dashboard, see the /install/index.
  • To launch instances with the dashboard as an end user, see the /user/launch-instances in the
    OpenStack End User Guide.
  • To create and manage ports, see the /user/create-networks section of the OpenStack End
    User Guide.