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Deploying without BMC Credentials

The Bare Metal service usually requires BMC credentials for all
provisioning operations. Starting with the Victoria release series there
is limited support for inspection, cleaning and deployments without the


This feature is experimental and only works in a limited scenario.
When using it, you have to be prepared to provide BMC credentials in
case of a failure or any non-supported actions.

How it works

The expected workflow is as follows:

  1. The node is discovered by manually powering it on and gets the
    manual-management hardware type and agent power interface.

    If discovery is not used, a node can be enrolled through the API and
    then powered on manually.

  2. The operator moves the node to manageable. It works because the agent power only requires to be able to connect
    to the agent.

  3. The operator moves the node to available. Cleaning happens normally via the
    already running agent. If reboot is needed, it is done by telling the
    agent to reboot the node in-band.

  4. A user deploys the node. Deployment happens normally via the
    already running agent.

  5. In the end of the deployment, the node is rebooted via the reboot
    command instead of power off+on.


fast-track is a
requirement for this feature to work. After enabling it, adds the
agent power interface and the
manual-management hardware type to the enabled list:

enabled_hardware_types = manual-management
enabled_management_interfaces = noop
enabled_power_interfaces = agent

fast_track = true

As usual with the noop management, enable the networking
boot fallback:

enable_netboot_fallback = true

If using discovery, configure discovery in
ironic-inspector <user/usage.html#discovery>
with the
default driver set to manual-management.


  • Only the noop network interface is supported.
  • Undeploy and rescue are not supported, you need to add BMC
    credentials first.
  • If any errors happens in the process, recovery will likely require
    BMC credentials.
  • Only rebooting is possible through the API, power on/off commands
    will fail.