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Experimental features framework

Some Neutron features are not supported because the community doesn’t
have the resources and/or technical expertise to maintain them anymore.
As they arise, the Neutron team designates these features as
experimental. Deployers can continue using these features at their own
risk, by explicitly enabling them in the experimental
section of neutron.conf.


Of course, the Neutron core team would love to return experimetal
features to the supported status, if interested parties step up to
maintain them. If you are interested in maintaining any of the
experimental features listed below, please contact the PTL shown in the
project page

The following table shows the Neutron features currently designated
as experimetal:

Neutron Experimental features
Feature Option in neutron.conf to enable

ML2 Linuxbridge driver


This is an example of how to enable the use of an experimental

linuxbridge = true