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Failed to connect volume in FC SAN


The compute node failed to connect to a volume in a Fibre Channel
(FC) SAN configuration. The WWN may not be zoned correctly in your FC
SAN that links the compute host to the storage array:

ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-2ddd5297-e405-44ab-aed3-152cd2cfb8c2 admin\
demo|req-2ddd5297-e405-44ab-aed3-152cd2cfb8c2 admin demo] [instance: 60ebd\
6c7-c1e3-4bf0-8ef0-f07aa4c3d5f3|instance: 60ebd6c7-c1e3-4bf0-8ef0-f07aa4c3\
Failed to connect to volume 6f6a6a9c-dfcf-4c8d-b1a8-4445ff883200 while\
attaching at /dev/vdjTRACE nova.compute.manager [instance: 60ebd6c7-c1e3-4\
bf0-8ef0-f07aa4c3d5f3|instance: 60ebd6c7-c1e3-4bf0-8ef0-f07aa4c3d5f3]
Traceback (most recent call last):…f07aa4c3d5f3\] ClientException: The\
server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested\
operation.(HTTP 500)(Request-ID: req-71e5132b-21aa-46ee-b3cc-19b5b4ab2f00)


The network administrator must configure the FC SAN fabric by
correctly zoning the WWN (port names) from your compute node HBAs.