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GPFS Driver

GPFS driver uses IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS), a
high-performance, clustered file system, developed by IBM, as the
storage backend for serving file shares to the manila clients.

Supported shared filesystems

  • NFS (access by IP)

Supported Operations

  • Create NFS Share
  • Delete NFS Share
  • Create Share Snapshot
  • Delete Share Snapshot
  • Create Share from a Share Snapshot
  • Allow NFS Share access
    • Currently only ‘rw’ access level is supported
  • Deny NFS Share access


  • Install GPFS with server license, version >= 2.0, on the storage
  • Install Kernel NFS or Ganesha NFS server on the storage backend
  • If using Ganesha NFS, currently NFS Ganesha v1.5 and v2.0 are
  • Create a GPFS cluster and create a filesystem on the cluster, that
    will be used to create the manila shares.
  • Enable quotas for the GPFS file system (mmchfs -Q yes).
  • Establish network connection between the manila host and the storage

Manila driver configuration

The following parameters in the manila configuration file need to be

  • share_driver =
  • gpfs_share_export_ip = <IP to be
    added to GPFS export string>
  • If the backend GPFS server is not running on the manila host
    machine, the following options are required to SSH to the remote GPFS
    backend server:

    • gpfs_ssh_login = <GPFS server
      SSH login name>

      and one of the following settings is required to execute commands
      over SSH:

    • gpfs_ssh_private_key = <path to
      GPFS server SSH private key for login>

    • gpfs_ssh_password = <GPFS
      server SSH login password>

The following configuration parameters are optional:

  • gpfs_mount_point_base = <base
    folder where exported shares are located>
  • gpfs_nfs_server_type =
  • gpfs_nfs_server_list = <list of
    the fully qualified NFS server names>
  • gpfs_ssh_port = <ssh port

Restart of manila-share service is needed for the configuration
changes to take effect.

Known Restrictions

  • The driver does not support a segmented-network multi-tenancy model
    but instead works over a flat network where the tenants share a
  • While using remote GPFS node, with Ganesha NFS,
    ‘gpfs_ssh_private_key’ for remote login to the GPFS node must be
    specified and there must be a passwordless authentication already setup
    between the manila share service and the remote GPFS node.

The manila.share.drivers.ibm.gpfs



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