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Key Manager Service Upgrade Guide

This document outlines several steps and notes for operators to
reference when upgrading their barbican from previous versions of

Plan to Upgrade

  • The release
    should be read carefully before upgrading the barbican
    services. Starting with the Mitaka release, specific upgrade steps and
    considerations are well-documented in the release notes.
  • Upgrades are only supported between sequential releases.
  • When upgrading barbican, the following steps should be followed:
    1. Destroy all barbican services

    2. Upgrade source code to the next release

    3. Upgrade barbican database to the next release

      barbican-db-manage upgrade
    4. Start barbican services

Upgrade from Newton to Ocata

The barbican-api-paste.ini configuration file for the paste pipeline
was updated to add the http_proxy_to_wsgi middleware. It can be used to
help barbican respond with the correct URL refs when it’s put behind a
TLS proxy (such as HAProxy). This middleware is disabled by default, but
can be enabled via a configuration option in the oslo_middleware

See Ocata
release notes

Upgrade from Mitaka to

There are no extra instructions that should be noted for this

See Newton
release notes

Upgrade from Liberty to

The Metadata API requires an update to the Database Schema. Existing
deployments that are being upgraded to Mitaka should use the
‘barbican-manage’ utility to update the schema.

If you are upgrading from previous version of barbican that uses the
PKCS#11 Cryptographic Plugin driver, you will need to run the migration

python barbican/cmd/pkcs11_migrate_kek_signatures.py

See Mitaka
release notes