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Legacy Database Management


This page applies only to Glance releases prior to Ocata. From Ocata
onward, please see database-management.

The default metadata driver for Glance uses sqlalchemy, which implies
there exists a backend database which must be managed. The
glance-manage binary provides a set of commands for making
this easier.

The commands should be executed as a subcommand of ‘db’:

glance-manage db <cmd> <args>

Sync the Database

glance-manage db sync <version> <current_version>

Place a database under migration control and upgrade, creating it
first if necessary.

Determining the Database

glance-manage db version

This will print the current migration level of a Glance database.

Upgrading an Existing

glance-manage db upgrade <VERSION>

This will take an existing database and upgrade it to the specified

Downgrading an Existing

Upgrades involve complex operations and can fail. Before attempting
any upgrade, you should make a full database backup of your production
data. As of Kilo, database downgrades are not supported, and the only
method available to get back to a prior database version is to restore
from backup[1].

[1]: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpsGuide/Operational_Upgrades#perform-a-backup