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NexentaStor5 Driver for OpenStack Manila

The NexentaStor5 Manila driver
provides NFS shared file systems to OpenStack.


  • The NexentaStor 5.1 or newer

Supported shared
filesystems and operations

This driver supports NFS shares.

The following operations are supported:

  • Create NFS Share
  • Delete NFS Share
  • Allow NFS Share access
    • Only IP access type is supported for NFS (ro/rw).
  • Deny NFS Share access
  • Manage a share.
  • Unmanage a share.
  • Extend a share.
  • Shrink a share.
  • Create snapshot
  • Revert to snapshot
  • Delete snapshot
  • Create share from snapshot

Backend Configuration

The following parameters need to be configured in the manila
configuration file for the NexentaStor5 driver:

  • share_backend_name = <backend name
    to enable>
  • share_driver =
  • driver_handles_share_servers =
  • nexenta_nas_host = <Data address
    to NAS shares>
  • nexenta_user = <username for
    management operations>
  • nexenta_password = <password for
    management operations>
  • nexenta_pool = <Pool name where
    NAS shares are created>
  • nexenta_rest_addresses =
    <Management address for Rest API access>
  • nexenta_folder = <Parent
    filesystem where all Manila shares are kept>
  • nexenta_nfs = True

Share Types

When creating a share, a share type can be specified to determine
where and how the share will be created. If a share type is not
specified, the default_share_type set in
the manila configuration file is used.

Manila requires that the share type includes the driver_handles_share_servers extra-spec. This
ensures that the share will be created on a backend that supports the
requested driver_handles_share_servers (share networks) capability. For
the NexentaStor driver, this extra-spec’s value must be set to


  • Only IP share access control is allowed for NFS shares.

Back-end configuration

enabled_share_backends = NexentaStor5

share_backend_name = NexentaStor5
driver_handles_share_servers = False
nexenta_folder = manila
share_driver = manila.share.drivers.nexenta.ns5.nexenta_nas.NexentaNasDriver
nexenta_rest_addresses =,
nexenta_nas_host =
nexenta_rest_port = 8443
nexenta_pool = pool1
nexenta_nfs = True
nexenta_user = admin
nexenta_password = secret_password
nexenta_thin_provisioning = True


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