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OAuth1 1.0a

The OAuth 1.0a feature provides the ability for Identity users to
delegate roles to third party consumers via the OAuth 1.0a

To enable OAuth1:

  1. Add the oauth1 driver to the [oauth1] section in
    keystone.conf. For example:
driver = sql
  1. Add the oauth1 authentication method to the
    [auth] section in keystone.conf:
methods = external,password,token,oauth1
  1. If deploying under Apache httpd with mod_wsgi, set the
    WSGIPassAuthorization to allow the OAuth
    Authorization headers to pass through mod_wsgi. For example, add the following to the
    keystone virtual host file:
WSGIPassAuthorization On

See API Specification for OAuth 1.0a
for the details
of API definition.


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