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Troubleshoot Shared File Systems service

in Share File Systems service during a share creation


New shares can enter error state during the creation


  1. Make sure, that share services are running in debug mode. If the
    debug mode is not set, you will not get any tips from logs how to fix
    your issue.
  2. Find what share service holds a specified share. To do that, run
    command manila show <share_id_or_name> and find a
    share host in the output. Host uniquely identifies what share service
    holds the broken share.
  3. Look thought logs of this share service. Usually, it can be found at
    /etc/var/log/manila-share.log. This log should contain kind
    of traceback with extra information to help you to find the origin of

No valid host was found


If a share type contains invalid extra specs, the scheduler will not
be able to locate a valid host for the shares.


To diagnose this issue, make sure that scheduler service is running
in debug mode. Try to create a new share and look for message
Failed to schedule create_share: No valid host was found.
in /etc/var/log/manila-scheduler.log.

To solve this issue look carefully through the list of extra specs in
the share type, and the list of share services reported capabilities.
Make sure that extra specs are pointed in the right way.

Created share is unreachable


By default, a new share does not have any active access rules.


To provide access to new share, you need to create appropriate access
rule with the right value. The value must defines access.

Service becomes
unavailable after upgrade


After upgrading the Shared File Systems service from version v1 to
version v2.x, you must update the service endpoint in the OpenStack
Identity service. Otherwise, the service may become unavailable.


  1. To get the service type related to the Shared File Systems
    service, run:

    # openstack endpoint list
    # openstack endpoint show <share-service-type>

    You will get the endpoints expected from running the Shared File
    Systems service.

  2. Make sure that these endpoints are updated. Otherwise, delete the
    outdated endpoints and create new ones.

during management of internal resources


The Shared File System service manages internal resources
effectively. Administrators may need to manually adjust internal
resources to handle failures.


Some drivers in the Shared File Systems service can create service
entities, like servers and networks. If it is necessary, you can log in
to project service and take manual control over it.


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