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I have a broken zone

A zone is considered broken when it is not receiving updates anymore.
Its status can be “ERROR” if Designate detected the error condition or
it can be stuck in “PENDING” for a long time.

Review the logs from the API, Central, Producer, Worker and MiniDNS.
Identify the transaction ID of the last successful change and the first
failing change. Using the ID, you can filter logs from the Designate
components that are related to the same transaction. Look for log
messages with ERROR level before and after the first failing update.

Failures in updating a zone are usually related to problems in
Producer, Worker, MiniDNS or the database.

Ensure the services are running and network connectivity is not

Transient network issues can be the cause of a broken zone. Producer
and Worker are stateful services and perform attempts at restoring
failing zones over time. Restarting the services will trigger new

I have a broken pool

I deleted a zone
but it’s still in the database

Deleted zones are flagged with “status” set to “DELETED” and “task”
set to “NONE” once the deletion process terminates successfully.

What ports should be open?

Port numbers are configurable: review your designate.conf

The default values are:

Component (header rows optional) Protocol Port numbers
Agent TCP 5358
UDP 5358
API TCP 9001
Keystone (external) TCP 35357
MiniDNS TCP 5354
UDP 5354


RabbitMQ TCP


Resolvers TCP 53
UDP 53
ZooKeeper TCP


TCP 2888,3888

What network protocol are

HTTP[S] by the API, RabbitMQ and the MySQL protocol by most
components, DNS (resolution and XFR), ZooKeeper, Memcached.

What needs access to the

Central, MiniDNS

What needs access to

The API, Central, Producer, Worker, MiniDNS

What needs access to

Pool and Producer

What needs access to

API and Worker

How do I monitor Designate?

Designate can be monitored by various monitoring
systems listed here

What are useful metrics to

  • General host monitoring, i.e. CPU load, memory usage, disk and
    network I/O
  • MySQL performance, errors and free disk space
  • Number of zones in ACTIVE, PENDING and ERROR status
  • API queries per second, broken down by “read” and “write” operation
    on zones, records, etc
  • Zone change propagation time i.e. how long does it takes for a
    record update to reach the resolvers
  • Log messages containing having “ERROR” level
  • Quotas utilization i.e. number of existing records/zones against the
    maximum allowed
  • Memcached, RabbitMQ, ZooKeeper performance and errors

are useful metrics to review first during an incident?

  • Host, network and MySQL performance metrics
  • Number of zones in ACTIVE, PENDING and ERROR status
  • Log messages containing having “ERROR” level