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Platform Engineering on Kubernetes – Architecture and Tooling

As the world moves to a self-servicing platform infrastructure, especially in cloud-native environments, Kubernetes plays a crucial role in building flexible, resilient, and scalable infrastructure.

In this blog, we will take our conversation forward on how Kubernetes ecosystem is helping engineering teams build these cloud-native platforms. We will specifically talk about some of the architecture-related questions that are crucial to answer to build a resilient self-service platform on Kubernetes.

Difference Between Edge Computing and Fog Computing

Edge computing and fog computing make it possible to solve the problem of latency between data collection and transmission and bandwidth issues. Both edge computing and fog computing receive the same amount of attention these days but are often misunderstood by those who need to learn their differences.

Benefits and Challenges of Self-Hosted Kubernetes

Many organizations opt for managed Kubernetes services such as Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, or Google GKE initially to simplify operations and leverage the cloud provider’s expertise. As businesses develop further however the decision of whether to switch from managed services to self-hosted Kubernetes becomes an important one.