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Difference Between Edge Computing and Fog Computing

Edge computing and fog computing make it possible to solve the problem of latency between data collection and transmission and bandwidth issues. Both edge computing and fog computing receive the same amount of attention these days but are often misunderstood by those who need to learn their differences.

The Relationship Between 5G and Edge Computing

5G and Edge Computing are relatively new technologies that have gained momentum quickly. According to GSMA, the 5G network will provide users access to 1 Gbps wireless speeds and enable the Internet of Things (IoT) applications in homes, cities, enterprises, factories, and more at significantly lower costs than current networks.

Edge Computing: Case Studies and Real World Examples

In case you have not heard, edge computing is a new term rapidly gaining steam over the past few years. In simple terms, “edge” or “fog” computing refers to processing things closer to their source (i.e., at the edge of a network) vs. large centralized systems that serve all data requests from a single resource.

Edge Computing Vs. Cloud Computing: Key Differences to Know

The groundswell of computing is shifting, and it’s happening in the periphery. Edge devices have been growing at exponential rates. Cloud computing will now need to address the needs of this new framework. These two technologies are not exclusive of each other and go hand-in-hand. That’s why the adoption of cloud and edge computing will […]

How Does Edge Computing Technology Work in Simple Terms

Edge Computing (EC) attempts to bridge the gap between our computers, phones, or other devices and the cloud. All the world’s data isn’t just sitting up in the cloud; companies are figuring out how to let us download without going through a cloud server.

What is Edge Computing: Definition, Characteristics and Use Cases

Technology has come a long way from clunky early computers to today’s pocket-sized powerhouses. But there’s a new buzzword you should know: Edge Computing. Imagine this – big companies like Netflix used to store all their stuff on the cloud, but that caused slow-downs. Here’s where edge computing steps in.


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