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How to Expose Deployed Applications in Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto container orchestration platform. Its ability to seamlessly manage and scale containerized applications has revolutionized how software is developed, deployed, and managed. According to CNCF’s Annual Survey 2021, 96% of organizations have either implemented or are currently assessing Kubernetes as their container orchestration platform, the highest record since 2016.

How To Run Applications on Top Of Kubernetes

How To Run Applications on Top Of Kubernetes Taikun.

In our series on Kubernetes so far, we have covered an entire gamut of topics. We started with a comprehensive guide to help you get started on Kubernetes. From there, we got into the details of Kubernetes architecture and why Kubernetes remains a pivotal tool in any cloud infrastructure setup. We also covered other concepts in Kubernetes that are useful to know, namely, namespaces, workloads, and deployment. We also discussed a popular Kubernetes command, kubectl, in detail. We also covered how Kubernetes differs from another popular container orchestration tool, Docker Swarm. In this blog, we will consolidate all our learnings and discuss how to run applications on Kubernetes.

Although we covered this topic in bits, we feel this topic deserves a blog of its own.


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