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How to use a Virtual Machine

When combined with Taikun, they open up a world of possibilities for application deployment and management. Taikun, with its seamless integration of VMs within a Kubernetes cluster, offers numerous use cases that can benefit organizations of all sizes.

Project Quotas

With project quotas, administrators can prevent any individual project from using too many resources and ensure that there are enough resources for all projects within the cluster.

Cloud Types

There are several cloud computing deployment models, each with advantages and disadvantages. These models include single-cloud, multi-cloud, private, on-premise, and hybrid. In this article, we will explore each of these models in detail.


Taikun supports Kubernetes repositories as a way for users to access pre-built images and configurations for their deployments.

Virtual Machines

In Kubernetes, virtual machines (VMs) can be used to run applications and workloads in a traditional virtualized environment alongside containerized workloads.

Catalogs and Applications

In Taikun, users can browse and select charts from Catalogs to quickly deploy new applications and services to their Kubernetes environment.