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Welcome to the Taikun Glossary! Whether you’re a seasoned Kubernetes enthusiast or diving into the world of high-performance computing (HPC), this glossary is your trusted

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Policy Profile

Policy profiles also enable administrators to set storage quotas, limiting the amount of storage space that individual workloads can utilize. This helps manage storage consumption, prevent runaway disk usage, and maintain efficient resource utilization across the cluster.

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Showback is a feature in Taikun that enables organizations to track and report resource usage and associated costs within their Kubernetes clusters. It provides insights

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Welcome to Taikun

Taikun simplifies the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, providing a complete solution for managing containerized applications and services in Kubernetes.

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Access Profile

Taikun includes an access profile feature that allows users to define role-based access control for their cloud infrastructure, including Kubernetes clusters and other resources.

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Creating a new Project

Once a project is created in Taikun, users can configure and deploy cloud infrastructure, including Kubernetes clusters and other resources, and manage their application deployments.

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Flavors can help simplify the process of configuring and scaling applications in a Kubernetes environment, by allowing users to define standard specifications for their workloads.

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Standalone Profile

A standalone profile is a customized configuration you can create before creating your virtual machine. It allows you to tailor your virtual machine to your specific needs.

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