Demo mode

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Overview #

Demo mode provides customers a safe way to explore Taikun’s features and capabilities, while keeping the production environment untouched.

Projects, Profiles and Credentials that were created will not be visible in demo mode.


The “Action forbidden in demo mode” message should appear if the action is not available in demo mode.

Actions available in Demo Mode #

  • View of the options for Project, servers and VM creation (creation is not allowed)
  • View of how to Enable/disable Autoscaler, AI assistant, Monitoring, Backup, Policy and Alerting
  • Dashboard, Alerts, Logs, Metrics and Events can be viewed
  • Public and private Repositories and Applications can be accessed
  • Flavor information of each Project is available. Flavors can not be bound to Projects
  • Public images can be listed, but not bound to Projects
  • Users, Project Quotas, Servers and Requests can be listed
  • Only Projects, Profiles and Credentials created in demo mode can be accessed
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