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Overview #

Demo mode provides customers a safe way to explore Taikun’s features and capabilities, while keeping the production environment untouched.

Projects, Profiles and Credentials that were created will not be visible in demo mode.

Warning #

The “Action forbidden in demo mode” message should appear if the action is not available in demo mode.

Actions available in Demo Mode #

  • View of the options for Project, servers and VM creation (creation is not allowed)
  • View of how to Enable/disable Autoscaler, AI assistant, Monitoring, Backup, Policy and Alerting
  • Dashboard, Alerts, Logs, Metrics and Events can be viewed
  • Public and private Repositories and Applications can be accessed
  • Flavor information of each Project is available. Flavors can not be bound to Projects
  • Public images can be listed, but not bound to Projects
  • Users, Project Quotas, Servers and Requests can be listed
  • Only Projects, Profiles and Credentials created in demo mode can be accessed
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