Organize your structure with organizations – which can be then connected with users, projects, etc. The organizations will also help you for a better overview at each site (by drop-down selector).

Figure.1: Organizations
Figure.1: Organizations

Show hidden columns will expose Billing E-mailPhoneVAT NumberCountryCityAddressRead Only and Discount Rate.

Actions #

edit assigned rule Edit Assigned Rule

Add new rules in Billing rules and then you can assign it to organization with Edit Assigned Rule option.

✏ Edit Organization

Update organization info.

delete Delete Organization

You can delete only unlocked empty organization (no Users, Projects, Servers or Cloud credential).

Add Organization #

Fill in Name and Full Name for your new organization and add it.

Figure.2: Add Organization
Figure.2: Add Organization

Compulsory fields:

Name and Full Name – is chosen by you (alphanumeric, 3-30 characters; dot, dash and underscore are allowed)

Discount Rate – is in percents and values can be between 0 – 1000, where 100 is default value. If you set the value to 70, it means 30% discount, value 130 means 30% charge. This is only for external billing.

All these can be changed after adding a new organization when editing it.

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